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Welcome to my projects page, where I showcase some of the exciting endeavors I have undertaken. Through these projects, I have had the opportunity to explore various aspects of technology, from assembly programming and artificial intelligence to hardware design and encryption techniques. Each project represents a unique challenge I embraced with enthusiasm and a drive for innovation. Join me on this journey as I present the projects that have shaped my engineering expertise.


Heart Disease Detection with Artificial Neural Networks

In this project, I thoroughly examined the health data of patients. Subsequently, I trained an artificial neural network using the analyzed data to ensure its ability to accurately detect whether incoming patients have a heart condition, achieving a remarkable accuracy rate. For comprehensive details regarding this project, kindly refer to the article provided below.


Malware Memory Analysis with Pattern Recognition

I utilized different pattern recognition algorithms and an up-to-date dataset in a project with the aim of detecting malicious software. Throughout the project, I compared the results and made dedicated efforts to achieve the desired accuracy rate. Detailed information regarding the stages and specifics of the project is available in the document provided through the following link.


Dinosaur Animation with ARM Cortex-M0 Emulator

I created an animated version of the popular Google Dinosaur Game using assembly language on an ARM Cortex-M0 emulator. This project demonstrates my proficiency in low-level programming and embedded systems. By actively checking the color values of all the pixels on the screen and monitoring the user’s keypress actions, I successfully achieved the jumping control of the dinosaur and the scrolling of the obstacles. As a result, I developed a simple yet engaging game.


Imitation Learning on Mobile Robots (Graduation Project)

I implemented convolutional neural networks for imitation learning in autonomous driving on mobile robots. In this project, neural networks were trained using speed and steering angle data collected from human driving to control a mobile robot. Subsequently, I compared the results obtained from different networks and conducted analysis to draw conclusions. This project provided me with valuable practical experience in robotics, neural networks, and autonomous systems. If you are interested in examining the project in detail, you can explore my article.


RISC-V Processor Design

I designed a processor using the Verilog hardware description language and the RISC-V instruction set architecture. I accomplished the processor design step by step from scratch, incorporating features such as pipeline and error correction. This project enabled me to delve into processor design principles and optimization techniques. I have documented all the steps and techniques in the project report.


Self Synchronizing Stream Cipher

In scenarios with a low bit error rate, engineers commonly employ self-synchronizing stream ciphers. These ciphers enable users to decrypt messages with minimal loss of plaintext, even if alterations occur in the ciphertext during transmission. I personally developed a self-synchronizing stream cipher for secure data encryption using an FPGA and Picoblaze microcontroller. This project serves as a testament to my expertise in cryptography and FPGA-based system design.


ARM Cortex-M0 Emulator with C

I created C language definitions for optimizing programming efficiency of basic ARM Cortex-M0 instructions (for int32). I acquired a detailed understanding of the operations performed by commands in the background and their execution times, which significantly enhanced my skills in C programming. This project showcases my proficiency in low-level programming and ARM architecture.


UART Interface Design with VHDL

I have completed a project focused on designing a UART interface using VHDL. This project involved creating a reliable and efficient communication system for transmitting and receiving data. By implementing various components and functionalities, I have developed a robust UART interface. This project aims to enhance the understanding and application of VHDL in digital systems design, specifically in the context of serial communication interfaces like UART.


Tea Blog Website with HTML, CSS and JS

I designed a tea blogging website from scratch, crafting the entire site layout using HTML and CSS codes while incorporating JavaScript and PHP for additional functionality. The website showcases comprehensive information about various types of tea and enables users to actively engage by leaving comments. Furthermore, I implemented a test tool to assist users in discovering the tea that best aligns with their preferences.


Histogram Equation with VHDL

I designed and verified a gray scale histogram equation using VHDL. On an FPGA, I implemented a system that performs histogram equalization, an image enhancement technique. This involved manipulating the histogram curve of an image while optimizing the area utilization and processing speed.

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